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Spring is heating up

I know, we don’t get seasons in San Diego.  Actually, our “reduced” seasons are about a season behind.  Summer starts after Labor Day where fall would be, it starts to feel cold later toward February when the official spring is almost here…  March can be cold, but we are starting to feel the new life of spring. Read more →

facebook – OMG

So, I’ve made what living I’ve been able to pull of through the internet and supporting technologies.  So, what is one of the most popular web sites?  Facebook. After a long time and many requests from friends and family, I just joind on Friday. Read more →

Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee

I am an east coat transplant living in California. My parents were born and raised in LA, so it is no shock that I moved west. There aren’t too many things that I really miss from my time on the east coast (Florida and Rhode Island). ONe that I do miss is Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. Read more →