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Dunkin Donuts LogoI am an east coat transplant living in California. My parents were born and raised in LA, so it is no shock that I moved west. There aren’t too many things that I really miss from my time on the east coast (Florida and Rhode Island). ONe that I do miss is Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.

Last night I made it out to the grocery store with the family. Were were completely out of coffee, so I decided to make that my mission. I am still on crutches, so there are limited things that I can do.

I got to the coffee and tea aisle where I was looking for my current choice coffee, “Pete’s”. For some reason, I like to grind the beans myself, so I got absorbed in the Pete’s section looking for whole bean coffee. The biggest thing that I noticed was that coffee has gotten more expensive. It seems like not too long ago that it was only around $8.00 per pound. Now, it was all in the $10-11 price range.

So I grab my bag of beans and was making my way to the cart. My wife points out that the bag is small (we normally get coffee at Costco or from a friend in the restaurant business where the bags are big and last a long time). She tells me to get two bags.

That is when I noticed that out local market is now selling Dunkin’ Donuts coffee! I couldn’t believe it. To make things even better, it was on sale.

So this morning I get to start my work day with some good east coast brew. It still isn’t the same, but it is great.

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