Photography Background

Back in high school I learned that I like photography.  We shot black and white film.  Now, I seem to go through phases where I like to take pictures.

Going Digital

Olympus C-3030zIn 2000, I got a high-end point and shoot; an Olympus C-3030z.  The 3030z boasted 3.3 megapixels and a 3x optical zoom.  I carried this camera around with me for a while as I got into digital shots.

Sonu A-57 DSLRIn 2012, I bought my wife a Sony A-57 DSLR.  At about the same time, smart phone cameras were getting better.  Still, it was obvious that the pictures were much nicer from the DSLR.  My wife mostly uses it, but I used it on occasions, but it seems like I for got about metering and relied almost completely on program mode.  It has taken a lot of great pictures even with the kit lens.

In 2015, I started to take more pictures with the Sony.  The camera got good shots, but the maximum aperture of 5.6 was getting in the way of some shots.  This became more and more problematic with our turn to indoor sports.

Going RAW

In 2016, I treated myself to a Nikon D7200.  I really like the feel of the camera in my hand and it is easy to get nice, fast lenses for it.  I liked the pictures I was getting with some white balance frustration.  Then I started to shoot RAW.  Shooting RW has a learning curve, but there are oodles of YouTube videos on learning a RAW Workflow.  I tried a few open source tools, but I’ve settled on Adobe Lightroom as my library and basic RAW editor.