Super Headache, Round 2

About 5 weeks after my surgery, I went through three or four days of a really bad headache.  I called it a migraine. It went away.  For a while.  Now, it is back every time I stand and there is some concern I have a dural leak (CSF leak).

ache-1297598_1280In consulting my internet doctor, Dr. Google, a common description of the dural headache is “the worst headache of my life” and that is a pretty good description.  After a while of standing, the headache builds to the point of nausea and basically I am debilitated.

Right now, I am waiting on an MRI, so I don’t know for sure I have the dural headache, but my symptoms indicate that I have a slow leak.  The pain builds and is worse when standing or sitting.  Ringing ears, dizzy and nausea accompany the pain.  Sometimes it takes 5-10 minutes for the pain to start, other times it takes a few hours.

This fits into the less than 1% complication.  It reared up as I started to do more and removed the brace.  If I do have a CSF Leak, then there may have been a weak spot from the prior damage and surgery that started to leak.  If I do have a CSF Leak, I hope to get it fixed soon. I do have a really bad headache when I get up.

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