My Knee Microfracture Surgery

On July 25th, 2007 I underwent microfracture surgery on my right knee. This page is an overview of my journey through microfracture surgery and the recovery.

Blog Timeline of Microfracture Surgery

My recovery timeline can be found here.  It was during my recovery from the microfracture surgery that I initially put this blog together.


In the fall of 2006 I knew something was wrong in my right knee. I tried physical therapy, but I couldn’t get my body back to the point where I could ride my bike again.

Diagnosis for Microfracture Surgery

Once I finally had the MRI, it was clear that I had cartilage problems.  Microfracture surgery is about helping to repair cartilage problems for bone on bone scenarios.  Typically, the bones use a padding of cartilage to help the joints.  I was missing some key cartilage.

Thus, I was a microfracture candidate.

Once Dr. Behr got inside to look, you can see the damage clearly.

Some more details of the damage. The cleaned out lesion

Microfracture Surgery

Microfracture surgery is a relatively new procedure.  At the time of my surgery, there were three options.  Now, years later, microfracture has shown to be very successful with a relatively short recovery time line.

Here are some links I used during my research.

The surgery was successful, but it did go a little long.  Read the details here.

My Recovery from Microfracture Surgery

I’m updating this close to 6 years after my microfracture surgery.  I’ll say I’m recovered and doing well.  Unfortunately I hurt my back, but that is a different story.  I’ve managed to complete an organized century on my bike and covered over 5,000km of riding in 2012. Here are some links to posts I made about my progress.  It was indeed a long road back.


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