Microfracture Surgery Recovery – Walking Progress

Tuesday afternoon I put my foot down for the first time at physical therapy.  That was a big “step” in my microfracture recovery.

Wednesday marked my six weeks post surgery where I could start to walk. I began walking with the crutches.

I am feeling a bit stiff, but I feel a lot of progress and am happy about it.

I am trying to walk a bit every hour or so and I think it is helping. By Thursday afternoon, I was feeling pretty comfortable. I even did a little with just one crutch. I was even doing a lot of just standing without the aid of the crutches. Being able to be in the kitchen, get a bowl or cup and be able to move it feels great. Much to the surprise of my wife, I even unloaded the dishwasher in the morning. That was still a little tricky since I didn’t feel to coordinated, but I still did it.

Today, Friday, I am pretty much just using one crutch. I am mainly using it for stability and I feel good. There is no doubt that I am using a lot of muscles again and they have a little re-learning to do. I am focusing on walking with good form. My guess is that Rusty, my physical therapist, will get on me about going to one crutch too soon and not having good form, but it feels great to have a sensation of independence. I’ll find out at my appointment this afternoon.

There is still a lot of muscle to be restored and that will take time. My coordination is coming back. I feel like I am progressing along.

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