Lumbar Back Problems Return

So, a little over 3 years ago I had surgery on my L5-S1 disc.  An unexpected rupture sent me on a trip to the hospital that ended up with the surgery.  At the time, the L5-S1 was protruding 9mm.  The MRI also showed that the L4-L5 (just above it) had a bit of a bulge.

After the first surgery, it was a relatively long road due to the nerve damage.  I came back pretty good, but was getting some left leg tinglies in strange places.  I attributed that to muscle imbalance and various tight muscles.

In early April I dd the San Diego Gran Fondo.  I’ve done the medio fondo the past two years.  The event crept up on me a bit.  I had relatively good form and was climbing a lot, but not in 105 mile ride shape.  So I piled on the miles in a short 3 week prep window.

I was getting a lot of hamstring pain and foot numbness.

The foot numbness had been there for at least 18 months on and off when riding.  I didn’t think much of it.

After the ride, which was in the rain and managed a head wind the whole way I felt fine.  The next morning I was in pain.  Strange pain.

I couldn’t walk in the mornings.  Leaning forward helped and heat helped.  I tried physical therapy, and after a while, my PT thought I was having disc symptoms.

I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Bawa.  He ordered an MRI that was refused by my insurance.  They neglected to inform us of the refusal.  It took a short call with Dr. Bawa and the insurance to get it approved.

The MRI showed a disc protrusion.

Next step was epidural injections.

The injections helped.  They helped for about 3 weeks and the pain came back.  After the third one, we came to the conclusion that they helped, but I was still not where I needed to be.  I couldn’t bike, fish or even walk around the block.

Luckily work was ok.  But I had a lot of pain when I needed to travel, so it wasn’t all rosy.

Surgery for my L4-L5 is scheduled for 8-18-2016.



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