Dust is a little thick – time to catch up on this site

It has been a while since I’ve added anything to this site.  The site is really meant as a personal blog and I doubt if anyone ever reads anything.  That said, it has been too long.  It is time to work on some content.  And maybe a new theme too.  Let’s not get crazy.

Ok, so what big things have happened?

  • Solid El Nino fishing season
  • Lots of cycling
  • Had a full season of San Diego Gulls Hockey again (boy did I miss that)
  • Became a hockey parent (similar to a taxi without pay)
  • Began to pick up photography again
  • And herniated my L4-L5

Yea, this started as a recovery log and it may get to do some of that again.  I think I’m unlucky (or defective).  My L4-L5 was bulging a bit back when my L5-S1 went in a bad way.  The good news is now I just have pain and some numbness.  I’m bored trying to rest and heal, but I’m ahead of the curve this time and shouldn’t see a major injury.

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  1. Been reading your blog needed something positive about knee microfracture everything online is negative. Had right knee microfracture May 2020 and been doing good. December 2020 had to have plica cleaned up and small loose body removed on same knee possibly missed on prior surgery. Doing great know just getting muscles firing right. How is your knee doing now this far out?

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