Microfracture Surgery Recovery: 1 Year

I can’t believe it has been a year since my microfracture surgery. A year ago today, I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it through the next 6 weeks of my life on crutches. A lot ended up happening in those 6 weeks.

Some of the highlights and down points were the identification of blood clots, living with the CPM machine, still being able to play with the kids, getting off crutches, making strides with rehab, having setbacks with rehab, getting back on the bike and getting back to my life. Today I still fell a little pain in my knee. It is mostly when I get up and start walking.

If I were to give the one year summary:

  • I am much better than I was before the surgery.
  • There is still some pain
  • I’ve got some more work to do for rehab, but I have come a long way

Many people said that the time would go fast. It didn’t while I was working through the rehab. The days of hard work were slow. Now, in hindsight, it did go pretty fast. More and more these days I don’t even think about my knee. I think that speaks volumes.

I think that some of my pain and extra time it has taken to recover is because of my job. I sit at a desk. If I were to stand up more, loose up more and spend more time doing basic rehab; I think I would be better off today. How much better? Maybe I would have been at my current activity level a month or two sooner. Maybe I wouldn’t have had some of the painful setbacks. Ultimately the worst part of the setbacks has been the emotional strain.

So my final message in the post is to keep your chin up and don’t let your mind make the recovery harder. There are rough spots. Use them to stop and smell the flowers a bit. You have been working hard and you need to take some breaks. I think that is enough bad cliche phrases for now. Ultimately this can be a very successful surgery, but the success will take a lot of mental fortitude.

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