Microfracture Surgery – 5 Year Update

I have not forgotten about the microfracture surgery (as I seem to have forgotten about this site).  There is no question I am still happy with the outcome and am leading a better life.

I cannot say that all is good with me either.  I sit at a desk 10-15 hours per day, often without breaks.  So, I don’t do a lot of good for myself by just being me.  I will stretch, when I remember.  I am riding my bike a lot more and plan to do a century in about 2 months time.  I can ride 50-60 miles solo no problems through the hills.  No pain and am about as strong as before the surgery when I was younger.

Last year, I did have some swelling in my knees.  Both were acting up, so Dr. Behr decided to do MRIs.  The good news is that my microfracture knee shows that it is doing very well and the repairs are standing up.  The repaired meniscus has re-torn, but it unlikely that it will cause me any further damage.  My left knee is starting to show some signs of cartilage damage; so some of it is likely hereditary.  Rest and balancing my activities on the bike seem to have taken care of it.

After periods of sitting, my knee hurts.  Right in the medial meniscus area.  After a bit of walking, it feels much better to completely fine.  I still avoid running, but end up bouncing around plenty when I play soccer with the kids.  Nothing intense, but we play and run around a little.

I spend a lot of time in the boat.  That often means going offshore in rough conditions that include pounding and an unstable platform.  The knee does great.

Worst part was still the mental challenge in the recovery.

It has been hard to get the muscles back, but that is a large part due to my desk job and being a little older.

No quest, this has been a successful microfracture procedure.

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    • Pretty good actually. I think the meniscus is the biggest pain (literally). I’ve been doing a lot more exercises to help with ankle and leg stability that help a lot. I don’t ride as much, maybe 200-250 miles a month. I do walk a lot, surf, ride and run on occasion. If I do anything where I’m on my knees, I need knee pads or I can’t walk well for days after. Most days are pretty good.

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