Microfracture Surgery Recovery: 24th Week Update

From a calendar perspective, Christmas Day marked the 5th month since my surgery (July 25th to December 25th). Today marks the 24th week since the surgery.

I am in the long haul of recovery, but I think there have been a few significant changes in the past two weeks. I am still being very conservative since I had the tendinitis. These are the big changes and advances recently:

  • I now have a gym membership (first in my life)
  • I’ve been to the gym fairly regularly (the second part of the gym membership puzzle)
  • I am using ankle weights for my leg lifts
  • I am using the elliptical machine
  • I am riding the bike longer and harder (still on the trainer)
  • I am doing more balance excercises
  • I feel like running and bouncing around more
  • The pain has gotten much less
  • My knee feels like it is tracking much better

I think one of the most significant things is that elliptical machine. After the first short session, my VMO was tired and sore. This is one of the key muscles you need to strengthen in rebuilding the process. Rusty, my physical therapist, said it is because I am more upright that the bike. One thing I know for sure is that I am getting stronger and I am doing it without any major negative effects. The neat thing is that I feel like I can do a lot more.

There is still some pain in the joint, but it is not sharp. It is in the same spots since the surgery, but it isn’t like what I had before. Compared to before the surgery, I feel much better. Once I have my strength back, I will know more, but it feels like it is going well. I do have days where I am very stiff and sore, but that is part of the game. It has been a long time since the surgery, but I am still improving.

As long as I am improving, I’ll be happy.

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