An Emotional Day – Preschool

Today I woke up 24 hours away from the end of being non-weight bearing and beginning the process of learning to walk again. That alone should be enough to get many people’s emotions churning.

I didn’t even think about the crutches. Katerina started preschool today.

No, I am not fretting about my little baby growing up. I am actually very excited about that part. I think it is great that my girls are growing up.

The pit in my stomach was from actually going into the school and watching her go.

Or so, that is what I am telling myself.

I can’t believe that my little girl is going to school.

Yes, I am excited about it. It is a big step for her. There is a lot of pride, a lot of excitement, a lot of uncertainty and a lot of emotion.

I’ve always said being a parent is hard. I didn’t know it was going to be hard like this. Wow.

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