Progress on the Boat

Even in my non-weight-bearing status, I’ve been able to get some things done on the boat. It will be much easier when I can walk and be more mobile. That time is coming soon.


Some of the things I’ve done:

  • Cleaned up some of the wiring (much more to do)
  • Moved the engine controls (throttle) from the left side to the right side of the console.
  • Mapped out the electrical system
  • Tested the hull for major leaks ( a major success in my mind)
  • Gotten the basic safety gear
  • Upgraded the nav lights switch to have two positions. Now I can just have the anchor light on, or both the anchor and nav lights for running. I don’t know why it wasn’t like that before as it is sort of the law.

There is a lot more to do. Mostly I am anxious to get her in the water.

Future Projects

Some of my future projects:

  • Clean and polish the hull. I may even pain some areas like the console.
  • A T-Top. This would be nice in the San Diego sun.
  • A bait tank. I like to fish with plastics and irons, but live bait does work well
  • Add a GPS/fish finder – the existing one is of questionable functionality.
  • Rewire and streamline the electrical system. I’ve got more electrical demand than they estimated for in 1982.
  • Night lighting: maybe some floods for night fishing.

I’m sure there is more I will think of.

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