Spring is heating up

I know, we don’t get seasons in San Diego.  Actually, our “reduced” seasons are about a season behind.  Summer starts after Labor Day where fall would be, it starts to feel cold later toward February when the official spring is almost here…  March can be cold, but we are starting to feel the new life of spring.

Maybe it is the birds nesting around the house.  Maybe it is the loud group of parrots that like to hand out in the spring.  Who knows, but you can feel more warmth to the sun and the flowers are coming out in full force.  This is the time of the year where I actually say something nice about the freeways.  There are gorgeous purple flowers that bloom along the sides of the freeway here in San Diego and they are nice to look at.

It is nice to realize that even with cold ocean waters, there is more energy in the air.  I’m excited for the summer and trying to have more fun with the girls.  This year we will do more bike rides, boat rides and trips.  They will be 3 (next week) and 5 this year, so we can do more and more.  I like that.

We still have to get through the fog season (feels more like winter after a false spring), but we will.  May Gray and June Gloom are what they are know as here.  Last year they ran late.

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