2009: Let’s have Fun!

Life seems to go from a busy holiday sprint right into a new year without warning.  This time it is 2009.  I’m glad it is a new year, and my resolution is to have fun this year.

There is plenty of bad news in the world.  I think most of it is an emotional overreaction.  Yes, there is truly bad news, but there is also some good news too.  Good news doesn’t sell or make money for the media, so we don’t hear about it as much.  All of the bad mojo influences all of us.

Anxiety and a bit of depression have been a challenge for me.  As the sole provider with a California sized mortgage, it often feels like the weight of the world is on my shoulders.  I want to provide a life for my children and wife that is on par with what my parents provided me.  Are we living in a time where we won’t do better than our parents as children have done for so many generations now?  That is a bit scary for me.

As I write this, I should be even more emotionally shell shocked.  Colleagues and friends have lost their jobs (my own prospects for loosing my job escalated when my company announced it was in the process of be acquired).  If I do the math on my 401k, it looks like I should be set to retire by the time I am 125-130 years old.

But, I decided to have fun this year.

No need to stew on the bad news.  It is what it is, and I can only do what I can.  I might as well just try to have fun on the path.

It is a fact that you use more muscles to frown than to smile.  Laughter is good medicine.

I am not going to be stupid, but I want to have fun.  My list of things to buy is big.  It includes a new kitchen, but they will wait.  Big dinners and parties will wait.

We can have friends over for casual dinners and talk.  Be more social.  Get back to what has actually made societies.  Not the “LA Communities” where you are gated in with other people you don’t know, but real communities with people, shops and personalities.  It takes different types to make the world go around and we need to live together and share our experiences.

I digress.

Happy 2009 to all, and I wish everyone the best.  If nothing else, I hope we can all find a way to enjoy part of every day and have more fun!

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