Trying Too Hard

Am I trying too hard? The biggest concern that I have heard from Dr. Behr and Rusty (PT) are that I would do too much too fast. This new pain in my knee may be the realization of that.

I started to do some ankle weights a couple of weeks ago, then Rusty told me to wait until I had the stamina. So I backed down, built up some stamina and then started. Everything was going well, so I started to increase the weight. I added the bicycle, quarter squats and a lot of walking.

Then I started to feel a little pain on the inside of my knee between the kneecap and femur. I got some confirmation that the groove where I feel the pain is where the muscles (particularly VMO and some quad) come together. The pain is greater after VMO exercises and walking. So I backed off a little and it got better.

Then I had a business trip where I carried my computer through the airport.  With the added weight of the computer, my leg was pretty sore by the time I got through security, to the gate and back to my seat.  Combined with two days of training where I couldn’t stretch or ice enough; I got very sore.

So this past weekend was a painful exercise in doing nothing.  I hate sitting around.  It is even harder on the weekends when I could be having fun with the family.

It is Monday now, and it is feeling a little better.  I think I need another day or so to make sure it fully calms down before I try to strengthen again.

The mental part of the recovery may be the hardest.

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    • Glad to hear. I guess it has been a while since I added anything here… but my back is doing ok. I’m surfing about twice a week, ride my bike 1-2 times per week and I try to do some body weight exercises a couple times a week. These are things like pull ups, pushups, rows etc. Not too hard, but getting the base muscles has helped a lot with the general morning pains. I don’t think about the back too much any more. Though, I almost feel like I am getting some sensation back in my right leg… not sure, but maybe.

  1. The only leg exercises I do on machines are hamstring curls and leg presses. My Dr. advised against knee extensions.

    Mostly I did non-machine squats and lunges in various forms.

    I doubt I started that for 8-9 months with any luck.

  2. Hello Steve!
    Do you remmember when you started to do knee extensions in a weight lifting machine?
    I’m almost 4 months post op and knee extensions still hurt.
    Thank you,

  3. Thank you Steve.
    I tihink I’m not ready yet to do squats. I tried with nine weeks but it hurt a lot.
    So, I wiil wait a little more.

  4. My recovery was far enough ago that I don’t remember the exact timing. My physical therapist worked on open-chain exercises a lot to help me learn to use the muscles as much as strengthen them.

    So, I did a lot with ankle weights. I found that ankle stability helped a lot too. I did more endurance increases as opposed to weights. Once you get the endurance, you can build up real strength in regular exercises.

    One of the “your recovered” exercises was a single leg squat to 90-degrees, body weight only. You can do a lot with body weight, and that required me to track strait and use the other balancing muscles.

  5. Hello Steve!
    Congratulations for your blog, it’s a great recovery guide for microfracture surgery.
    I’m on the long way to recover from microfracture surgery on me right knee did on lateral condyle and throclear grave.
    I’m now on the 10th week post-op.
    Sometimes i did too much, and had pain.
    I would like to ask you some questions.
    When did you start with squats?
    Did you do knee extensions with ankle weights or machine? In wich week did you start?
    How did you increase the weights web you were doing the straight leg lift?
    Thank you,

  6. Hey Estevan,

    Just wanted to let you know I’m checking your blog every day now. Your experience is bringing me back to all the pain and frustration I went through when I hurt my elbow and had to give up rock climbing. I feel for you, buddy.


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