Back on Track

This past weekend was much better than the previous one. After dealing with the pain and cabin fever last weekend, my knee felt better. Rest and backing off did the trick.

Rusty, my physical therapist, said my pain was a classic scenario that happens when someone tries too much and doesn’t ice enough. That was a good description of what I had been doing. I backed off and it has gotten a lot better.

I have been getting a lot of good stretching in with a lot more walking. My leg is still recovering nicely, and it is feeling better again. I managed 10 minutes on the bike again, and it felt good. I also took my youngest in the stroller around the block (with the dog of course). I still need to be careful, but I think I am back on track for recovery.

We also got the boat out over the weekend. It was almost a lot of fun for the family. Sophia didn’t have a good time. She was ok for about 10 minutes, and then she get really grumpy. I feel bad for my wife since she wants to “go to mommy”, but then she just screams. My wife likes the boat, but she isn’t getting any chance to enjoy it.

After the short family cruise, I went out fishing. We took the boat out off the OB pier and it was great. There is a post under fishing that describes it and pictures in the gallery.

I’m happy that I am feeling better. I’ll do my best not to push too hard, but I’ve got the itch to get out into life again.

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