facebook – OMG

So, I’ve made what living I’ve been able to pull of through the internet and supporting technologies.  So, what is one of the most popular web sites?  Facebook.

After a long time and many requests from friends and family, I just joind on Friday.

I’ve now lost plent of time that I will not get back, but it is interesting.  I am a bit schocked to see how much there is too it.  As the grumpy old outsider I was acting like, I thought it was just a way to schedule parties.

In a very short time I’ve managed to reconnect with many old friends that I’ve been trying to track down with no success.  This is pretty cool.

I’ve also gotten a number of “… I knew you would join …” type comments.  So this is interesting.  I know also know that I’ve let my girl’s web sites get way out dated.  I’ve got some writing and picture uploading to do.  Facebook seems secure enough that I may even put some pictures of the girls up there.  Their current sites are password protected for all of those strange people who were lurking and looking.  Hey, I am a father of two girls.  I am going to be very protective of them.

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  1. I have the security tight tight tight, and that is what I recommend so the random ex-girl can’t add you as a friend. Also, be VERY afraid of Facebook apps. No es bueno in terms of hacking exposure.

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