Knee Update – I am feeling pretty good!

The second storm of the year is coming through and I feel good.  I had feared these storms since they have made my bones hurt in the past, but I don’t seem to be bothered by them.  I’ve even been riding more and doing some weights.  All in all, I am on my longest streak of time without majore swelling and setbacks!

I am pretty happy.

More than once I’ve even chased the kids around.  I’ve barely been able to do that for two years.  Now I can catch them if I want.  I’m still a little scared of the twisting and lateral stuff since I know that is weak, but I am getting more confident.

When I ride, I am still weak, but I can tell I am a lot stronger and I feel better on the bike.  A friend suggested a casual century in about 2 months that sounds tempting.  I’ll dedicate myself a bit and lay off the holiday junk food and see what happens.

So, how long has it been? The good news is that I haven’t been counting.  When I count it out; 16.5 months.

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  1. I have really enjoyed reading your journey through your microfacture surgery. I had my surgery two weeks ago. I know it was not nearly as bad as yours. I was able to run right up to surgery. I am already riding the recumbent bike and swimming,water running. I hope to be able to get back to some kind of running in the next three months. I wish you well and look forward to reading your next entry.

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