A Better Time out Sailing

I got out for a Hot Rum “race” to see how my knee would react to being on the boat again.  It is hard for me to not be active and involved on the boat.  I did another casual sail on one of the summer beer can races that left me pretty sore.

Well, I succeeded.  The race isn’t much of a race, but there was some breeze and work to do.  The Hot Rums are pursuit races that either have some wind with a front, or they are drifting events for drinking.  San Diego at its finest.  This time there was a little front, so once we got out there were some small waves and almost enough breeze to get little surfs on.  My balance was ok (I had lost it all after being on crutches) and I never had any pain.

For the one take down we did, I wanted to do sewer to see how I could handle bouncing around down below.  no problems and the kite was easy to pack.  I was expecting to feel a little tweaked with the bending and knocking that can happen down below.

It was not the most exciting race, but I was very happy with the way my body came through.  We had a good time and it was nice to be out on the water again.

I’m going to give a real race a shot again before too long.

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