36 And a Birthday in a Retirement Home

Last weekend we had a small family reunion of sorts for my side of the family.  The girls saw their cousin for the first time in way too long and had a lot of fun.  As a reminder that I am not getting any younger (no I don’t forget very often), mom had a birthday celebration for me Saturday night.  In my grandmothers retirement home.

“… you are going to have a hard time topping this one,” said my grandfather, “a birthday in a retirement home. <laughter>.”  All in all, it was nice to have a room all to our own where the girls could play.  But it was not the fancy night club/bar that younger generations typically end up at for their birthdays.  Well I’m not that younger guy anymore.  To my defense, my birthday isn’t for a few days yet, so I’m not actually older yet.

Then I made a quick run to Costco today.  My “work around the house” jeans are a little too small, so I’ve been looking for a larger pair.  On que, there was a table full right at the entrance.  The question became how big are the ones that are too small?  32?  They couldn’t be 34, could they?  So I grabbed the 36″.  Yes, that is a 3′ waist.

My wife said it would be easy to return them if they are too old since she had to return a swim suit anyway.

Well, I am wearing them right now.  I wouldn’t call them baggy.  No belt either.

Time to get back on the bike.

That is actually my excuse.  My time on the bike has been packing on some muscles, but I have the old fat layer from the year of rehab without exercise.  I’ve done 325 km this year so far.  Last year I didn’t ride until March where I did a solid 25km.  I didn’t do more than 170km in any month last year.  The good news is that my body isn’t complaining and my knee feels great.  My clothes don’t feel so good.  I might be better to admit the Holiday eating schedule may have more to do with it…

Well, I’ll ride this weekend for sure.  Older or not.

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