September 28th – Overnight on the Apollo

This was a trip that is starting to turn into an annual event thru a friend that started doing private charters. This year was on the Apollo and was looking to be awesome based on the summer so far.


Everything was right except the wind. We left Sunday evening, but it blew hard Thursday thru Saturday from a few directions. Those same hurricanes that were pushing nice water up messed with the wind patterns. The boats that did head south got hammered and didn’t catch much.

So, with limited options, we headed for the lee of San Clemente Island. I’d never been, so that was cool.  It was a little like fishing the Coronados, but with one really big island.


The boat ended up with a decent catch overall, but it was still only about 1 fish per person with a few people not getting any.

I ended up with 1 YFT at about 18 pounds.  It came on the vertical metal jig.  Many got theirs on bait.  We also pulled in tight to the island and I got a few calicos on the surface iron with the long rod.

2014-09-29 13.28.05



I slept for most of the ride out, but there was some lump to it. Once we were in the lee of the island, it was like a lake.


In the lee, it was very nice.  The ride home was down wind and swell with sun.  Very pleasant.



2014-09-29 13.32.12

2014-09-29 13.32.37

2014-09-29 13.36.26

2014-09-29 13.55.05

2014-09-29 18.08.16

2014-09-29 18.08.21

2014-09-29 18.10.38

2014-09-29 18.20.28

2014-09-29 18.30.45

2014-09-29 18.36.36

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