October 7th – Uber Lostering

Apparently Uber can help catch lobsters.  Early season usually means a very relaxed inshore lobster trip, but we needed Uber to make it happen.


It is still early fall and the water is warm. We haven’t had any rain and the bugs are in shallow.  So, the plan is pretty simple, load the gear, launch the boat, pick up Jason at his boat, set the hoops and enjoy the evening.  Jason even had a fresh hot pizza.

While enjoying an amazing sunset, I realized that I didn’t have the bait cages.  With the seals around, we were looking at an impossible situation.  We were on the water, cars were far away and were were actually close to the house with them than the cars.  So, we dialed up an Uber to meet us at a close dock.  They picked up Jason, he went and got the bait cages (nicely organized in a bucket for easy loading on the boat) and came back in about 15 minutes.  Perfect.

The only problem was we missed the best part of the incoming tide.  Actually, this dialed us up for slack tide.  Bummer.

I did try two new things; a bait scent and some more bait cage designs.  I like the bigger bait cages, but I think the smaller ones are fine too.  As for the scent?  Not sure.  Kind of messy and I didn’t keep track of which ones I had it in this round.


We ended up with 2 keepers out of about 15 total.  A few were very close, but those go back as they aren’t worth the potential fine.  Since I won’t be eating the right away, they get to rest in the freezer for a few days.

2014-10-08 20.08.12



Super calm and warm.  It was a little cooler than it has been with a range of 68-71.




Super nice San Diego fall weather.  Shorts and t-shirt all night.


Only burned about 3.5 gallons of gas and the hours are floating around 778.

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