MobileDay Review – Smart Conference Calls from your Phone

Mobile Day is a tool that makes it easy to dial into conference calls from your smart phone.  In short, it is for one-touch dialing of a phone number and passcode.  You don’t need to write the attendee/access code down or try to remember it; you just touch the dial button.

MobileDay has enabled One-Touch into ANY conference call on ANY conference provider. The app syncs with your phone’s calendar and auto-detects the conference call details within your meeting invites.

Some phones will pick up the dialing information from a calendar invite easily, but not all.  This is an area where Android is lacking.  On my old Blackberry, I had to manually format the dial string nicely to get one-touch dialing.  Most conference services that auto-send calendar invites don’t have that format, and many people don’t send the invite with the proper format.

Mobile day save me a lot of time and takes away a lot of stress when joining conference calls from my mobile phone.

This review is based on the free version.

Interface and Interaction

MobileDay InterfaceMobileDay is an app I installed on my phone.  It runs in the background and watches my calendar.  I didn’t need to put in a lot of settings, so it was easy to get started.

You can directly open the application to see you upcoming call list, or you can wait for the notification prompt.  By default it notifies me 30 seconds before the call.  Then, you touch the dial button and it dials your meeting and the entry code.  It is simple and easy.

Key Features

To me, the key points are that it does what it is supposed to and is easy to use.  Below are some details on a few things that I see as important.

Conference Calls with Major Conference Call Providers

As I mentioned above, it is possible to enter a phone number in many phones with a specific format (xxx-xxx-xxxx,,,xxxxxx# for example) and you phone can do a one touch dial for you.  That doesn’t always work, and it will fail if you are mobile and needs your hands to be free.  It is also a challenge when you get an invite from someone in another company or from an auto generated service like WebEx.

This is where MobileDay does some magic.  For every conference service I’ve thrown at it, one-touch dialing has worked without me doing anything.  MobieDay looks through the request, finds the number and participant code and takes care of the rest.  I’ve intentionally called the access code by many names in this review because that is the reality of different call services.  I think it is great that MobileDay takes care of all of that.

I’ve also got appointments that are not conference calls.  MobileDay seems to realize that and not pick them up.  I appreciate that as I have enough alarms going off around me already.  So, in addition to being smart with different providers, it is smart in not thinking everything is a conference call.

Timely Conference Call Notifications

This feature is simple and not too different from a normal calendar invitation.  MobileDay will notify you of an upcoming call.  Many default calendar notifications are 15 minutes early.  That one I don’t understand; in 15 minutes I will have been interrupted in my prior meeting and I will forget about the coming one.

Solution? MobileDay does a 30 second reminder. I really like this feature. Notify me right before the call, with enough time to dial and give me the one-touch button in the notification.  If you want the 15 minute warning, you still have your calendar invite for that.  This 30-second warning is for action.

Details and Specifications

This is a phone app for both Android and Apple.

Pros and Cons

This is an app that I have a hard time finding problems with.


  • not out of the box phone functionality (not a bad mark on MobileDay)


  • MobileDay does what it is supposed to.
  • Works with many conference call providers
  • Makes a day in the life of sales / road warriors easier
  • Works with my Exchange and Google calendars
  • 30 second pre-call reminder


I am in software sales and that seems to be the crowd that MobileDay is targeting.  Well, I will say they got it right.  For the Android phone, this is the best conference call dialer I’ve used, and I have tried a number of them.

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