L5-S1 Laminectomy Recovery – Week 5

It has now been 5 weeks since my l5-s1 laminectomy surgery.  I’d like to think that I am still recovering, but I still feel pretty broken and haven’t noticed as much improvement.  I think my walking form is better and the pain is pretty minimal (about the same as last week).

General Laminectomy Recovery at 5 Weeks

The past week may have gone a little faster.  I attribute most of that to being busy at work.  For the most part, I don’t feel much different than last week.  I’ve been standing and sitting at my desk much more.  I stand during conference calls and presentations.  Sitting still gets me after a while.

Since I haven’t seen an improvement this week, I would say that boredom is the hardest part.  My spirits are not up and I’m bored.  My exciting decisions are to turn left or right when I walk out the front door.


The biggest thing might be that I’ve made some improvements on my walking.  My form has been so bad for so long that I’ve had a hard time getting back to a point where I can walk normally.  My left hip drops which put a lot of stress on my left hip flexors, left abdomen and in turn my right lower back.  This all pulled my right shoulder down and twisted my spine a bit compressing my right lower spine.

Right before the herniation I had made some progress.  Then, last week at physical therapy I was able to walk normally.  I got my left hip to raise by using my right hip properly.  I did discover my hips are very weak, so those exercises have been helpful.

With all of this focus on my form, my walking seems to be harder.  I’m sure I am over thinking it.

I’m still doing 4-6 walks per day and my pace is decent.  No big walks this week, but I wanted to focus on form.

Accupedo step count for week:


Pain and Numbness

I don’t have much pain.  My lower back gets uncomfortable when I sit too long.  Days with a lot of standing and walking also make me uncomfortable, but it isn’t real pain.  I can sit in a char for about a meal now, but not too much longer.

My one concern is that sometimes I feel what seems like a sciatic nerve stinger (though muted) down my left leg.  Not the whole thing, but just a little.  I don’t like that.

Numbness seems to be a little better.  I can feel the outside of my butt a little more and down the outside of my thigh a bit.  Not the whole way down, but more than a week ago.  I did notice something odd.  Standing outside on hot cement my left foot was getting hot.  Then I realized that I didn’t feel anything with my right foot.  I suppose that is the last part of the nerve to come back.

Work and Life

Monday thru Friday go quickly with work.  I’m still not traveling, but I get a lot done on the phone and in web meetings.

I still haven’t driven a car, but I don’t think I need too.  Twisting to look over my shoulder is just another risk.  I can wait on driving.

Otherwise, I’m still doing a lot of nothing; no bending, twisting or sitting in the same position for too long.


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