L5-S1 Laminectomy, Day 3

Or should I say morning 3?  What a night.  I barely slept.  It is the third day since my laminectomy surgery.

Mobility and Comfort

Getting into bed and getting comfortable isn’t easy.  It seems the best position is lying on my back, but that puts direct pressure on my incision point.  Then, when I’m convinced that isn’t the right position, trying to roll over is a huge chore.  Lots of pain, plenty of fear and effort to make the transition.  The sheets feel like they are tugging in all the wrong directions.  So, right now, I’d say that sleeping is the worst part.

Once I got up in the morning, things are better.  My first walk proved to me that my muscles are a little sore.  I think some of it is from the incision and corresponding spreading of the muscles for surgery.  Some of that likely contributed to my lack of sleep the night before.


I also learned that Celebrex is a pain killer.  I’ve been taking that in the mornings which may have contributed to my good days.  Or I should say better days.  There is no taking away the fact that I underwent a surgical procedure (on the back no less).

So, today I will keep up with the pain meds a little more.  Walking still feels better after a few steps, but I think I am feeling a little stiffer.  No doubt this will be a roller coaster of good and bad days.

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