L5-S1 Laminectomy, Day 2

Day by day reports?  I’m bored. A laminectomy procedure means you need to take it very easy for a while.

The Start of the Day

I woke up today with a lot of pain around the spot of the incision and work.  It feels like I was cut open, skin and muscles pulled apart and bone drilled.  I’ll call it pain in a good way.  I did sleep well.  Sleep is something that concerns me; I don’t know when or if I am going to roll and twist in the middle of the night.  The body seems to be pretty good at taking it easy, so I shouldn’t worry too much.

The Progress

The problems from before the surgery are not 100% better, but I expect that to take a while.  The doctor said that the nerve root was swollen and bruised.  That will also take some time to heal.  Since that is related to the pain, numbness and loss of motor control I had, that is what was expected.

The nice thing is that San Diego blessed me with a perfect day.  Sunny clear and probably close to 75.  It was great going for walks in such nice weather.  I managed about 5 short walks today.  One I went a little far as I got tired.  After then sitting for a while, I could tell my back was a little sore. So, many shorter walks seem to be the best approach.

Toward the afternoon, I cut myself back to half pain pills.  I then noticed that I was getting a headache.  The thermometer said I was at 100.6.  Anything over 101.5 is cause for infection concern.  The Tylenol in the pain medication seems to help that too.  Seems as if my body is working hard to heal.

Well, I’m going to watch some more hockey playoffs, maybe a little Deadliest Catch and then sleep.

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