A new Boat

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This boat caught my eye at the Fred Hall show in 2007. It seemed to have a key trait that I need in a boat; fit in my driveway.  The Bayrunner was, and still is, a great boat, but priorities have changed a bit with the growing family and my own personal age.

[update September 2013] – I’ve added a review of the boat.

The Inspection

Well, I checked it out (Rob, the dealer,  even drove it to my house to try a driveway fit – key in the decision), worked the numbers with my wife and ultimately got wife approval. My little but growing girls love it too (another key factor in getting something with a “cabin”).

What is it?

Defiance Yellowtail 195 with a 115 Yamaha.

With the bracket and closed transom, it feels bigger than a 19′ boat. Including the bracket, it is about 20.5′.  Sitting up front driving it, it reminds me of a VM Bus.

I expect the forward seating to provide a pounding, but so far the deep V smooths the ride out very nicely. Heading out of Mission Bay yesterday we got a little airborne. We looked at each other and couldn’t believe the landing. Off the backside of a 5+ foot swell and it was gentle with no pounding or slap. The V makes it want to lay over to the left or right, but the trim tabs do the trick nicely. Another great feature was being warm (air was in the 50’s on the way out) and being able to talk to each other in a normal voice while cruising out to La Jolla.

My Boat

I haven’t had time to fish it much with the weather. I am a little concerned coming from a center console of similar size. Well, the bow is very fishable. I threw some plastics in the kelp. The platform is big and stable. The high bow rail is perfect (an upgrade from Rob over the first few models). So far it is more fishable than my old 18′ bayrunner, and it seems like it can do it with more guys.

I had Rob and Steven Sanford from Defiance add a 40 gallon bait tank, VHF, couple of rod holders, lights and a Lowrance HDS 8. The install is very nice! I’ll add a review of it later when I get more time with it. It can expand to include a radar, and I think I may need a stereo for cruising between spots. It already had raw water wash down, lots of storage, high bow rail, house-top rocket launchers and transom rail.


Ready for more

Some say that the first and last day are the happiest days for a boat owner. I was very sad to see the old bayrunner go, and I was very happy getting this one out for the first real run yesterday. I foresee many very happy days. I’m pretty excited about this new rig.

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  1. Nice boat, really like it, don’t think they make it anymore. I moved from S. CA to NE FL, miss yellows and YFT, but I do catch some nice fish out of Jacksonville/St. Augustine area. It tends to be shallow but after 20M its blue water vs. deep pacific. Usually wind chop but easy to ride home in. My gear had to be beefed up as I was getting cut off all the time!!! I have 17′ CC, all modified with a fiberglass leaning post and hatches for storage, removable livewell as we have to catch our own bait here but a necessacity too. Same situation, limited space, boat is parked in garage due to weather and 4runner to tow, also wanted easy maint w/ easy gas consumption, been out with it upto 40 miles, even landed a 50+wahoo on it, that was insane. Thanks for your posting of the info!

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