Chance Encounter with my Knee Doctor

Dr. Behr is a man I truly appreciate, but he is not one I want to see on my own accord.  You see, when it is time to visit him, it means something is bad with my knee.  This time it was a pleasant surprise.

With my parents in town, we decided to take the kids to see the theatrical production of the Grinch at the Old Globe Theater in San Diego’s Balboa Park.   This is a special production they do during the holidays and kids generally love it.  This was our first trip and it was very nice.

While we were getting to our seats (the girls loved the ushers), I was directing traffic for who sits where and a man came up to me.  It was Dr. Behr.  I must have looked shocked because he re-introduced himself.  I knew who he was, but I wasn’t expecting to see him.

We talked a bit and it was nice catching up.  Outside of getting me active again, we have some common interests.  I was also very happy to tell him that I am doing well.  I’m not 100% back to my previous fitness level, but I think that is more other distractions.  I am riding almost as well as before the surgery, but not as many 3+ hour rides.  I did on on Thanksgiving that was fine.

It was great to see him.  I highly recommend him to anyone with knee issues.  Not only is he a highly skilled surgeon, he is a great person.

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