July 8th, 2015 – Blind Squirrel Finds Yellowfin

An after work trip running without modern electronics works out for a pair of yellowfin.


We headed out for an afternoon trip on a friends boat.  He is the second owner and in the process of updating many things; electronics are still on the list. We got some nice bait and headed out the old fashion way.  We took a heading for time.  This got us in the area that was working in days past.

Things looked much quieter.  Some boats in the area, but not the whole sport fleet.  A few birds, but not what I’ve seen in weeks past.

After finding one empty paddy, we kept looking and ended up a little off the bank.  We made a turn back toward the high spot.  About 15 minutes later, we got our double blind hookup.


We got two yellowfin tuna on the cedar plugs.  They went 18 pounds each.




4′ long period swell with 1-2′ wind chop.  Water averaged 67-69 degrees.




The wind decided to show up and it was 8-12 out of the west-southwest.   There was a good bit of wind chop on the current with overcast skies.  Air temperature was luckily ok.


With limited modern electronics, it was a good exercise to mainly use dead reckoning.  We could see land and get depth, so we knew where we were.  We found the high spot at the right times based on our DR which was nice.

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