August 18, 2003 – Yellowtail at 425

As I’ve been feeling better and better, I had the itch to take the skiff offshore.  Weather looked nice, so I decided to make a run.  The fish had been thinning out where I wanted to go, but I was still able to get on one good paddy for fun yellowtail fishing.


I left San Diego bay around 4:45 and picked up some great bait.  It was a mix of sardines and anchovies.  The crowds were down a bit which was nice.  I went at medium speed until grey light and then made about 17 knots toward a spot between the 371 and 425.  Reports had the good paddies southwest of the 425.  I saw some mammals on the way down and a few dry paddies.

When I got in the area I was looking for I started to troll and zig-zag around.  I made a westerly move and noticed the temps were going down.  I gambled that I wanted warmer and headed almost due east.  I was south of the 425 by about 5 miles.

I found one paddy that had a little bait on it and saw some birds flying around.  The side scan didn’t show anything, so I moved on.  About 5 minutes later, I saw a lot of birds doing their fish dance, so I headed at them.  100yds away I saw the nice kelp.  Trollers in and bait in the water about 50yds away.

Right away, I had dorado swimming up the to transom.  I tried to chunk them, but they wouldn’t play.  They kept jumping while I was there just to tease me.  While I was chunking, I got hammered on a sardine that resulted in a nice 8# yellow.  I put out a chovie next.  Nothing.  Tried another sardine for instant results.

Trolling and looking for the birds proved to the the ticket.  The fishing was plenty for me and a good test of my back.  No pain, but I got tired quickly.  After getting 4 nice yellows, I headed home.


Landed 4 of 7 yellows on bait.  I was using my Phenix 867ML with a Curado 300 and 808MH with a Daiwa 40H BG.  I threw both chovies and sardines, and got all the bites on the sardines.



Conditions were nice.  Probably one of the top 2-3 days I’ve been out on the water for.  Wind was about 5-7 right away, but died down to a lazy west at 5-7 after going totally still.  Waves were 1-3 at around 7 seconds.  Something was coming out of the south and there was a little wind chop on it from up north, but not bad.

Temps were in the 68-69 range all day.


Tides for 2013-08-17


Overcast and 65-70 all day.  Pretty classic summer fishing where the sun didn’t come out.

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