August 28th, 2013 – Coronados for Cold Water

With the combination of a day off and a good yellowtail catch the day before, I made a run to the islands.


After arriving at Pukey Point where the action from “the day before” was hot, I found nice weather and cold water.  I arrived by about 7am and there were a few private boats there.  Some were drifting and some slow trolling.  I didn’t see anyone catching.  That was a theme throughout the day.

I metered a ton of bait everywhere.  As I got down to South Island, I metered what appeared to be yellowtail.  I can’t confirm as I didn’t catch.  Whatever it was, it pushed bait around and I saw one seal eating what looked like a yellowtail.

So, plenty of life, a big temperature drop and no yellowtail for me.  I heard of a few people getting one each.  The big sport boats looked a while and then when right to rock fish.


After no luck on the yellows, I dropped down a bottom jig and got a very nice whitefish.  Good eating, but boney, so I let it go.  I then dropped down on a rock off North Island before my ride home that turned out a big vermillion and a Boccaccio.  That was enough for me on this day.




Temperature was the real news.  Pukey point started around 61 and as I went around the south end of North Island, I saw 59.9.  Between the point there and the middle grounds, I saw a temp break up to 63.  Going around the north end of the South Island, I saw up to 64.

Waves around the islands were calm.


The Islands don’t always correspond to the tide chart here, but there was some flow all day.

Tides for August 28, 2013


It was a nice clear day.  Fog broke early and it was enjoyable. Ride home was nice too, so no real complaints.


Fuel flow read 15.5 gallons for 47.7 nautical miles.  Filled 14.7 at the pump for 3.2 nMPG.  Engine is at 616.6 hours.

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