L5-S1 Laminectomy, Day 10

Ten.  That is double digits.  That means I’m close to 20 days since the herniation and ten days since the L5-S1 laminectomy surgery.  So, what has day 10 brought?

Day 10 Post Laminectomy

Starting with the morning, I was a little sore getting out of bed.  It has now been over 24 hours since I had a pain killer.  The rest of me is much happier about that.  The procedure spot feels a little like a deep bruise, but it isn’t too bad.  Last night, I had a lot of itching around the stitches.  I think all of that is a sign of healing.

Pain from Laminectomy

My soreness this morning might be from a lot of things.  All in all, I will say that I feel different.  The soreness almost feels like it is in the same area as where I had sciatic pain before, but it is different.

Could I be feeling sore muscles?  Or it is the nerve healing and I am getting more sensation back? Last night on the couch I was getting weird twitches.  I want to think it is my muscles waking up, but I have no idea.

For sure, the numb spot on my heel felt different yesterday.  Was I just noticing it more?


I have been ramping up my walking.  I am doing about the same number of walks, 4-5 per day.  The lengths are getting longer.  I think my stride might be a little longer, but I am not sure.  I think my speed is about the same (I was passed my a gentleman twice my age using  walker two days ago).  I am adding distance, and that likely translates to more time as well.  I can tell that the sections that are slightly up hill are easier.  I still feel that going up a little hill is hard, but I am seeing progress there.

Today, my morning walk was like I had sore muscles.  It took a bit to loosen up and feel good, but by the time I got around the block, I felt better.  Still a little tired, but better.


Sleep has been mixed.  I’m rolling a lot looking for that good spot, but I’m not finding it.  I am tired and trying to sleep so my body can heal.  I am no longer scared of sleeping; I don’t get pain from it.  As I’m coming off the pain killers, I’m not getting the crazy dreams either.

I don’t expect day by day changes, but it is hard to suppress the fear about not getting use of my leg back.

Mid-Morning Update

I got a great comment from a neighbor.  She said that my walking looks much better and I am not shuffling as much.  Maybe my muscles are recovering.

Evening Update

We made an effort to get out.  We went to a local hotel/resort/spa a mile from the house that makes you feel like you are on vacation.  It was very nice, but I discovered that I cannot sit in a chair like that for very long.  I made it most of the way thru dinner, but the pain was picking up.  By no means was it a banner night out, but it was very nice to be out of the house.  One common thing people recovering say is you need to be careful not to push it too far.  Getting out for dinner was an example of pushing it too far for comfort.  Nothing beyond pain I think, so now I know my limits at this point.  I hope those limits continue to get better.

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