L5-S1 Recovery – Sat on my bike

Not much of an update, but I just sat on my bike.  No pain.  First time on a real bike in a long time.  9 weeks and 2 days since the surgery.  I’ll hit the stationary bike again today.  I see a short ride on road in my near future.

  2 comments for “L5-S1 Recovery – Sat on my bike

  1. Thanks – not sure I’d say “great” very often, but I am seeing progress.

    I am getting out every few days on the bike again… and it feels like I am riding again. Life even is feeling more like “life”.

    Hand in there, it is a long road.

  2. Steve sounds like you are doing great . Just had laminectomy surgery on June 27, 2013 . Reading this is helping out and keeps me feeling positive .

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