July 6th, 2013 – Bay “Fishing” – first boat launch since surgery

Took the boat out today for the first time since the back surgery, so it was as much for that as it was to fish.  Avoided the crowds and made a short day out of it.  It was good to be on the water with a friend doing a little fishing.  We launched from Dana Landing and stayed in Mission Bay.


It was the post 4th of July weekend and the bay is crowded.  Squid beds are busy on the coast; one boat was coming in when we launched and said there were 60+ boats off Mission Bay the night before.

My goal was see if I could physically launch the boat and then see how I did on the water.  I did some tests on land getting on and off the boat; no problem without bending my back.  The real trick was unhooking the winch strap from the bow eye.  I found that I was able to sit on the spare tire holder and do that easily.  Then I used the spare tire holder to walk up on the bow like stairs.  From there, starting the motor and pulling off the trailer was easy.  Andy parked and met me at the dock.  I can see that dock lines will be tricky, but I’d do that the same way I do other things low, take a knee in a lunge like move.  It isn’t fast, but I don’t bend my back at all which is the important part.  As long as it isn’t blowing, I should be fine.

Once off the dock, we headed toward the bowling pin area so I could run the boat.  It had been 9 weeks since the boat was out, so it needed a good running.  It ran well, which is not really a surprise.

We hit a few spots near Campland, but the tide was stagnant.  Andy was trowing the fly and got a few nibbles, but nothing stuck.  I was reusing an old leader and one good bit bit me off.

We later headed up to the channel across from the Barefoot Bar and Grill.  That drift brought in a calico and two fat spotties.  There is no shortage of bait in the bay and the fish looked well fed.

We were back at the dock by 11:30.


2 fat spotties and one small calico.  Both on 3.5″ big hammer swim baits.


It was a typical summer morning on the bay.


We saw temps up to 74 in the back bay in 71 in the main part of the bay.  Water was mostly clean.  Only waves were from jet skis and other personal boats.


We didn’t time the tide well.  We caught the end of the flood and the beginning of a small ebb.

2013-07-06 San Diego Tides


Overcast and about 70 the whole time.  Wind filled in about 10 out of the west.  It built from 2-3 knots to about 6-8 before we went in.  Just enough to make the drift too fast for the floating fly line.


Final engine hours were at 593.2.  Fuel burn was from a few trips, but filled up 13.5 gallons.

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