L5-S1 Laminectomy, 1 Week

1 week ago, I was sleeping on my couch after L5-S1 laminectomy surgery.  A nice deep sleep brought on by left over general anesthesia.  I was already home from my laminectonmy-discectomy surgery.  We left the house before 5am and were home around 11; the nap was needed by all.

The Day

I’m almost happy to say this is a boring day.  By comparison to a week ago, it is completely mundane.  I am not in much pain, I had a decent night of sleep and I’m getting work done.  I’m at my computer all day, so there was only a minor disruption in work.  Now I am even pacing around while on some calls.

Pain from the Laminectomy

After the surgery, the pain was almost completely from being cut open and having my muscles pried apart.  The nerve root had some swelling and bruising, so there is some pain from that too.  Today, the area of the procedure is starting to get a “bruised and itchy” feeling; a solid sign of healing.  I woke up a lot last night, but I never felt the need for more pain medication, another good sign.

Walking Around

We are having a spot of slightly ugly weather (I live in San Diego, so it is all relative), so I went for two short walks this morning to avoid rain sprinkles.  Then, for lunch, I just did two full blocks. We are on the side of a slight hill so I had to march up it on the way home.  That takes more, smaller steps, but no additional pain.  I can tell that my muscles are still not firing 100%.  Obviously some of the nerve still needs to heal and I need to rebuild some of what I lost during my “bed rest.”

Most of my “problems” now area some numbness in my night leg.  The little toe, some in the heel and then a little in the outer gluteus area an outer back of thigh.  The numbness is less than before, but I still have it.   Sometimes I feel like I am starting to sense the sciatic type pain, but it is pretty minimal.

Time will tell.  I see Dr. Bawa next week for my first check up.

Accupedo step count for week:


My comparison of pre and post operation

Pre-operation I was not able to walk for more than 5 minutes and I could not sit upright.  Excruciating pain in most of my right leg with ares of complete numbness.  I was unable to recruit some of the muscles in my leg at all.

Post-operation I am now walking about 5 times a day and doing up to 2 urban blocks.  I can stand for extended periods of time and have little pain.  I change positions often, but there are few that are not comfortable. I still have some numbness, but it seem better.  The pain from before the surgery is almost completely gone; sometimes I think I can sense it.  I can get my muscles to fire again, but they are not 100%.  I think they are just now getting the chance to start healing and that may take some time.


Still taking it easy and slow,

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