A surgery recovery essential – Grabber

32-Inch PikStik ProBack surgery recovery means no bending or twisting.  General surgery recovery can easily mean limited mobility.  How do you pick things up?  My wife has a different problem, she can’t reach the top shelf easily.  She solved that with a Pikstik which I promptly stole and subsequently found the limits of while realizing how beneficial it is for me now.

How it helps Surgery Recovery

It took very little time to learn how to use this thing.  When you get things done in good form and with no pain, it almost comes naturally.  Grab the remote, my phone, whatever I drop and even situate pillows or sheets, this device helps tremendously.  Even leaning a little forward sends alarms through my back and isn’t worth it for recovery.

If you are going to be recovering from back issues, get something like this.  For surgery recovery, it is  a must.

Now, as I gained experience with it, I pushed it a little too far.  This morning the plastic cracked and it no longer works.  I do not think it was a faulty product.  The fact that it lived in the laundry room for a few years might have contributed to the plastic inside cracking.  For 90% of what people need, this one is great.  When recovering from back issues, you should not be picking up much weight, but you still may want something a little stronger.  I may have used it as a cane a few times.

Either way, I’ve been without it all morning, and I dearly miss it.  The only problem is that they can break.


Update May 8th, 2013

My picked up a new one from the local hardware store yesterday.  I’m happy again.  It is holding up well too

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