First Post-Op Road Ride

ksyrium_esI went for my first ride on the road today. It felt great. My big concerns were with manuvering and if I would have the ability to keep myself safe in traffic.

Well, I did just fine.

I tried to stay on more level ground and in calmer traffic conditions. I ended up riding for 30 minutes along the La Jolla coast.  It is a beautiful place to ride.  Some traffic and plenty of pot holes.

I can tell that I have been on the trainer a lot because I didn’t have much problem in the way of fitness.  My strength was not great, but I was a lot stronger than I expected.  I’ve added some “core” workout stuff to my rehab that I got out of Bicycling magazine.  That seems to have helped as I felt good on the bike too.  My back felt good and I felt loose.  Normally after a lot of time off the bike, you back fatigues and you are pretty stiff.  At least I am that way.

The big test was getting out of the saddle.  Well, I didn’t do too much, but I did a little.  I felt ok.  No pain in my knee.  I could feel it a little as I was warming up, but no major pain.  I’m going to focus on just high cadence and easy pedaling for a while.  The few short hills I did were easy and I took it easy.   I felt like I could have charged up, but I want to get everything back in sync first.

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