First Summer Weekeend of 2008

Weak offshore flow in San Diego means that it will be nice and warm. In the winter, it means it will be fabulous weather.

2008-02-09_IMG_3107For the fist time in a while, the weather cooperated with the weekend schedule. The rain has been good for us, but it is something that I haven’t missed too much since moving to Southern California. The cold fronts with rain have been coming through enough to satiate my rain need and get me ready for some warmth.

It was still brisk when I put the boat in the water about 6:45, but it was easy to tell that it was going to be a warm day. A light offshore breeze and clear skies.

It turned out to be another day at the lake. There was a small swell, but we hardly noticed it. The water was still cold, 56-58, but there was a lot of life. Plenty of bait fish in the water, whales and porpoise. The gray whales came pretty close which was cool to see (and hear).

We made drifts through the kelp and fished artificials as usual. It wasn’t a great day, but we got 3 calicos, 2 rockfish and a couple of mackerel. We let everything go. The sun felt warm and it was a great escape from the work world.

  2 comments for “First Summer Weekeend of 2008

  1. Joe,

    Good luck finding one. I think I got very lucky, there were two for sale when I decided to get it.

    If you trust the engine, I think you can take it pretty far. I get 6+mpg on my new Suzuki 40. They do pound pretty hard since they are so lite and flat. They don’t cut through the waves, so the trip back into any chop is grim. They are fairly dry, but add some wind and you will get wet (they are not a pilot house by any means). I would say they are drier than most in the same size rage because of the flared bow. and are two good place to look. They have classified and people occasionally sell theirs on the site.

    Squidco is great.

    Good luck,

  2. Hi Steve,
    My son and I are looking for a 19′ westcoaster bayrunner. A friend of ours own’s squid co. He is happy with it. How do you like yours? We plan on fishing La Jolla and maybe out 40 miles. Is your boat fairly dry and safe? Thanks for any info. I’ve been checking the classified’s, not many out there for sale.

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