Good Pain and Bad Pain

I met with Dr. Behr yesterday as part of a regularly scheduled post-op appointment. I’ve also been having a lot of pain in the medial part of my knee that had me worried about the meniscus. Well, I passed his meniscus tests!

So, this is a “good” pain.

The pain is still there, but he said that often happens. There is even a chance that the microfracture over filled and extra fibrocartilage was formed. Again, not a bad thing, but he said it can make me uncomfortable at this point in my recovery.

Odds are that I did too much, and that caused a little tendinitis too. So, I’ve got a couple of things contributing. For the past 10 days, I’ve been taking it very easy, and I think it is feeling a little better. Some of the pain that was a little higher in the knee has gotten better.

So, now I am just riding the stationary bike a few minutes a day to see what happens. So far so good. Walking, particularly while holding one of the girls, makes it worse, I so I trying to take that very easy. I am going to go easy for a couple more days and then ease back into my strengthening.

One thing I have noticed is that the clicking in my knee has gotten much better. My muscles also seem to be a little bigger. Maybe they have caught up a bit with my exercises.

I still have the pain, but I am not nearly as worried about it. I am still on the long road of recovery.

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