16 Weeks and a Blood Clot Update

Today is the 16th week since my surgery. It has been a busy week at the Dr’s office. It has mostly all been good news.

The best news is that I had a Doppler ultrasound for the blood clots, and it looks like they are gone.

The results still need to go to the doctor, but the technician who did the test did not see any clots in the major venous systems of my leg. In my untrained opinion, that is a great sign an indication of progress. I am looking forward to the day where I don’t need to take the blood thinners. I’ve been on Coumadin which interestingly is rat poison.

Dr. Behr also said that the pain I have in my knee is somewhat normal and not at all unusual. So, aside from the need to rest off my over zealous rehab attempt, I am doing well there too.  I wish there were an easy fix to it, but I am glad that I am not doing any extra damage to it. It sill hurts, but I think that is getting better.  It does feel better than it did last week or the week before.

Again, it is a long road to recovery, but I am riding along on it.

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  1. i’m now 11 weeks post-surgery. there are dull aches and patella issues with downstairs and steeper slopes but i can pretty much walk as much as i want – take the dogs up to 3 miles around the neighborhood. Had an MR/arthrogram yesterday and 12-week follow-up next Tuesday with my Dr. to review the results. I’m not optimistic – looked at the pictures yesterday after the procedure and i really don’t see a diff from the orginals. however i’m not a radiologist so i’ll wait and see what the Dr. says. I have however started investigating the OATS procedure. You’re a very correct – this rehab is not for wimps and is incredibly frustrating in the slowness of the progress. Hang in there – and good luck from here.


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