Map of the Fires

I finally found a good map of the fires:

Map of San Diego Fires

I’ve been a little frustrated that I can’t get a map of what is going on. I know that it has been hard for authorities to figure it out. I also know that it has been changing fast.

So far I am just happy that we are still ok. Solana Beach has been asked to evacuate, and that is a beach community not unlike ours, it just happens to be about 12 miles north of us. So, I don’t think we are totally in the clear, but I do think we are in a low probability location.

The site is a little over loaded. When I can get a good connection, I’ll take a screen shot of it.

Red is the existing burn, and pink is the evacuation. The lower left of the top pink section is 8 miles from our house.

Click the thumbnail below for a larger view.

Map of San Diego Fires at 4:30 pm on the 22nd

A satelite image from NOAA:

NOAA satelite image

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