Wednesday Morning Update

Wednesday Morning UpdateI found a link to the main google map:

Here at the house, the sky looks a little better, but the falling ash is getting bigger. From what I can tell, the fire is no way under control, but conditions have improved.

Looking at the map, you can see the crazy size of the fires and the damage. The 5- North thrugh Camp Pendleton has been closed due to another fire. I think, and I am not sure, but I think that the winds turned around in the night. This is somewhat expected. It pushed the fire back on itself. While this sounds good, it actually relights areas that are hot to start with. The fire moved so fast that it left plenty unburned. It may also send the fire in new directions. So I hope it sits and smolders while fire teams can take over, but we need to still pay attention.

The evacuation zone 8 miles from here is still in place, but it remains conservative. As you go up the coast from our house, the land is a series of mesas and valleys. The fire has tended to be in the valleys traveling through them as they wind to the coast. That is good news for my family, as there are about 3 of them between us and the fire. I just hope it works out for everyone else.

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