PM Map Update on the 23rd

Evening Map update on the 23rdFrom:

You can see that the burn area grew again. The live map has burn structures and links to more pictures, this is just a screen shot since the server is getting heavy traffic.

The winds seem to be better, but vary across the county. The sky is very dark.

The biggest thing I’m noticing is the outpouring of community support and friendly folk around. It feels like we have turned the corner.

As for me and my family, I feel much better again. Pacific Beach looks to have minimal chances of being evacuated. The evacuation for Del Mar (10 miles north) has been lifted.

We are getting more and more reports of friends whose homes were spared. I feel terrible for all of those whose homes have been lost. Again, the community of San Diego and the smaller sub-communities within really seem to be providing a lot of support. We will look to see how we can help as a family in the coming weeks and months.

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