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Against my better judgment, I own a boat now. Ah, I feel better; I’ve admitted it. All of my life I’ve said that I know better than to own a boat.

I grew up in Florida at a house where we had a dock with a boat on a lift. I used it all the time. I didn’t even get my drivers license until I was 17. I would boat around and go with friends who had cars.

When I was 19, I got my captains license and worked in the Caribbean for a summer. I also worked in Newport, RI giving sailing tours and lessons for two summers. I’ve had many sailing seasons as part of a competitive crew. Since I know what I am doing and I like the maintenance, I always helped out on the boats. I know how much work boats are. I know how expensive they can be.

Because of my experience, I know that I can’t afford the boat I want. I’m managed to resist the urge to pursue a boat for a long time.

Then, sitting in the emergency room at 3am, the doctor said a few key words that woke me up. After my surgery, I developed blood clots in my leg. There is a fatality rate with them and he told me as much.

Boating was a huge part of my growing up. Knowing that I won’t live forever, I decided that I should look a little harder at finding a boat.

My list of criteria was going to make it hard to find a boat. It had to be small enough to fit in the driveway. It had to be light enough to tow behind the minivan. It had to be big enough to use. It had to be in decent shape. And it had to be very low in cost.

I figured it wouldn’t happen. Then, about 3 blocks from the house, I saw one that fit the bill. An old aluminum fishing skiff. It fit all of the requirements. So, when I get home, I did an internet and craig’s list search for the boat. I found two.

I ended up getting the second one (not the one I actually saw). It is in great shape. It needs a little elbow grease and love, but it runs well.

While I am stuck in the non-weight-bearing part of my rehab, I may try to fix up a few simple things. I can’t wait to get it out in the water.

2007-08-18_IMG_1946 2007-08-18_IMG_1947 2007-08-18_IMG_1952 2007-08-18_IMG_1960

What is it?

1982 Westcoaster 18′ Bayrunner with a 1983 40hp Mariner Outboard (produced by Yamaha).

It is a center console with a functional electric start, remote engine controls, remote steering , dual battery, long range VHF antenna, VHF, dual bildge pumps, water temperature sensor, old fish finder, new waterproof VHF, bait tank pump and a lot of rod holders.

These boats where designed and build in this area. A lot of people still have them. Many people take them off shore. I think it will be prefect for local bays and time with the family.

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