Microfracture Surgery Recovery – 3 Weeks

It has been three weeks since the surgery and things are coming along. Per my original schedule, I am half way through the non weight bearing part of the rehab. I see the doctor again at the end of the month where I hope to learn more. For now, the major pains are gone and I am progressing with my physical therapy.

After the brief week delay with the blood clots, I am back visiting Tassinari Physical Therapy three times a week. Rusty, one of the owners has been very good to me and it has been an overall great experience. My current goals are to regain muscle use and range of motion. After the surgery, your muscles really shut off. It is strange to suddenly not be able to lift your leg or control movements like I used to. I am slowly getting a lot of the use (I can make the muscles flex now) back. There are a lot of limits because of the microfracture. Rusty put together a rehab plan for this first six week phase, and I am on track, so that makes me happy.

Even though I would say that cabin fever is running strong for me, I have been able to get out more. I think the whole family likes getting away from the house together particularly after a couple of crazy weeks. I can’t crutch around too much, but we are doing well. We’ve been to the coffee shop, a couple of ice cream places, some meals out, the marina to fish a little and the park. I still have a while before I am fully active, but things are going well considering I can’t walk normally for a few more weeks.

Best of all, I feel better. I almost have to remember not to get up and walk. I really don’t feel much pain. If anything, I have some discomfort and no pain. Mentally, I am doing better too. There are times I want to do more, but I just have to remember that I will be able to do a lot more as long as I am patient now.

Sleeping at night has also improved. I think it is a combination of getting used to the CMP machine and learning how to adjust during the night. I still get up a lot, but it is not as hard or often as it was even a week ago.

The girls are still doing great. It was hard for me to realize I can’t play with them as much, but they don’t seem to mind. I am stil “fair game” and a gymnasium to them. They don’t hesitate to climb one when I am doing my exercises and are making the best of my moving around slow. I attached a cup holder to my crutch that Sophia has claimed as her own. She likes to keep her sippy cup in there.

So, three weeks have gone by and I am doing as well as I can hope to this point. My next big milestone will be to go weight bearing again. I think that will be in about 3-4 weeks depending on what the doctor says.

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  1. Just want to say thanks for your blog! I’m nearly 3 weeks post op and just bored!
    My range of motion is returning but I am anxious for my weight bearing phase!!!! At least the Ryder Cup started today to keep me company all day!
    I have pains when I sleep and soreness to the injured part of the knee but I feel every day is a battle!
    I have a 3cm by .6 lesion on my Fib and small one on my fib! Damn London marathon and football!

  2. Thanks for the comment Johan, and good luck with your knee.

    As for the 3×3, I don’t know if that is a hard and fast rule.

    I am in my low 30’s, so no spring chicken, but by no means old.

    My knee turned out to be worse than he thought, so it is hard to predict a success rate. No matter what, it feels better now. The floating junk was causing me a lot of problems. There is still rehab pain, but it is not uncomfortable to just exists now like it did before.

    I do hope to get back to full speed, but I don’t want to be disappointed if I don’t. I know I won’t be doing any contact or running sports. I do hope to ride hard again, but time will tell.


  3. Hi,

    this is Johan who wrote on the knee1 forums asking for advice on microfracture. I have to go to bed so this will be short, but it was very interesting reading through your blog. I’m not sure I am any wiser as far as my decision goes, but I definately have some more information. Sounds like you have had quite an experience.

    I will have to read through this more thoroughly tomorrow, but if you don’t mind me asking I have a few questions.

    How old are you? Did your doctor say anything about the age factor? I’m not old, but not 19 either…

    You mentioned him saying something about 3cm being the maximum size that can be treated. I’m assuming that means 3*3cm which is about what I have. I read somewhere that the success rate was 80% for 2*2cm. Did he discuss success rate at all with you?

    Are you trying to come back to competitive sports or are you aiming more towards just casual sports and being able to play with your kids?

    Hope you don’t mind me asking, and all the best with your rehab!

    Best, Johan (in Sweden)

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