Team Cleaning

I made it outside for lunch today, and was feeling much better. It was another perfect San Diego day (that helped). A great time to clean up my leg.

For surgery, they sterilize your skin with this iodine solution (it may be called betadine) that turns your skin orange. Well, not only doe sit turn your skin orange, but it turns everything you rub up on orange too. This isn’t good for the bed, chairs or other things in the house.

We decided to take advantage of my feeling better to clean my leg. Zoe brought out a bowl of soapy water and a towel. This called the whole cleaning team into action. Sophia and Katerina had to help too.

They each grabbed a towel, dipped it in the soapy water and started to clean me. It was funny. We told them to do my other leg to prevent any accidentally bumps of the knee. They did a good job. It was funny to watch them kick into gear.

Now why won’t they clean up after themselves?

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