Microfracture Surgery Recovery – Day 3

I’m on the road to recovery for my microfracture surgery.  I managed to sleep pretty well last night. It is still strange to have the CPM machine going all night, but I am getting used to it. I am also getting more used to the crutches and rest of the routine. I’ve got a long 6 weeks ahead of me, but I am getting more optimistic. The first two days made me think that I was just going to be in a lot of pain. I think I’ve turned the corner on the bad pain.


I made it through most of yesterday without needing the big pain killers. Occasionally, the pain really ratchets up, but that is now less and less. I am finding more areas that are bruised and sore. I think that means the pain from the drilling is subsiding. Mornings do seem to bring their own special pain. Over the course of the night, it feels like blood pools in my calf where it rests in the CPM machine. It may just be a cramp, or even a bruise from the surgery. Either way, it hurts a lot in the morning. More than the knee. Massaging and rubbing it with my “The Stick” seems to help. When Zoe massages it, it really helps.

New Habits

I managed to get a bit of a shower in today. It was truly refreshing. Out shower was built for the old couple who lived here before us so there are big grab bars in it. They came in pretty handy.

Beginning of Progress

At this point, I am looking for signs of progress. I started the basic exercises that the Dr. sent me home with. At first they were very hard, now I can do them fairly well. I think that is a good sign. I am also getting more stable on the crutches. They aren’t hard, but navigating around kids, toys, wires for the machines and other stuff is tricky.

My other major sign of progress in on the CPM machine. When they set me up on it, it was bending my knee 40 degrees. They said to up it 5-10 degrees every day. I’ve got it up to 68 degrees as I type this and it doesn’t even feel like it is stretching me much. I don’t want to go too fast, but I think it is doing well. As the swelling around my knee goes down, I think it will get better.

That is it for now.

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  1. Julie,

    Good luck in the rehab. My Doctor gave me a sheet of paper with exercises to do. In short, leg lifts/raises (brace on, and leg locked strait). I would ask your doctor to see what they suggest. I also had my first session with my physical therapist 5 days post-op. Your PT will know best and should come up with a plan (including milestones).

    The big things really were flexibility in the joint (CPM) and getting the muscles (particularly the VMO) to fire again with leg lifts. There is something strange that happens during surgery where the once good muscles have a hard time working. This is why you go through so much re-learning of how to use your muscles again.

    Ask about the bike and get some opinions before you try it. If you knee cap is aligning correctly, you may do more harm than good. The recovery will be long, so don’t get too excited.


  2. I have been reading your blog and gaining insight into this procedure. I just had the microfracture surgery on my right knee 3 days ago….. I am curious as to what basic exercises your doctor gave you when you left the hospital? All I am doing is spending time (8 + hrs a day in CPM machine)? I was told I would get on a stationary bike soon, and, of course.. NWB for 8 weeks.

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