Microfracture Surgery Recovery: The first night

23 hours ago I woke up to go to the outpatient facility from microfracture surgery. Now it is very early in the morning and I hurt. I did make it through the first night.

The CPM Machine

continuous passive motion machine from wikipediaA CPM machine is an interesting device that you strap your leg into and it continually flexes your knee.  CPM stands for continuous passive motion.  Once you are set up in it, you set the amount of flexing and it slowly bends you knee back and forth.  It requires no effort from you, but you do hear the motors running.  Letting your joint get too stiff will be bad for it, so this keeps it loose and helps with the healing.


I managed to sleep with the CPM machine for quite a while. I’ve gotten out of it with help from my wife. Now I just hear the humm of the ice pump. Every 5 minutes or so, it sounds like a distant leaf blower. It really isn’t too bad and it helps a lot.

I really should get some sleep now. I plan to try a bit of a diary on this and more.


To close with the “why”; at some point in my past, I’ve damaged my right knee. This is the second surgery for cartilage problems. Three things were done, and I can’t remember the spelling of all of them right now. The basics were a torn meniscus and micro-fracture on two degenerated areas. Much more to come….

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