May 28th – La Jolla Yellowtail

After work trips to La Jolla usually start for my in June when the days are longer.  This year the reports have been very good and they days were already pretty long.  The boat had been in the shop a lot with an oil problem, so I wanted to head out.


The plan was the usual, look for some mackerel and then go poke around La Jolla to see what I see.  I bumped into a friend launching who had a lot of left over bait and gave me a nice pass.  I skipped the bait making and headed out.  Current was on when I got there, so the kelp was down.  Made the seals pest work easy, and I got nailed a lot looking for calicos.

So I headed north east of the NW corner to look.  I marked a lot, so I started a slow troll.  Over some good marks, I got a double.  One on a mackerel and one on a sardine.  A seal got one, but I managed to get the other in.


18 pound yellowtail on a slow trolled mackerel.

La Jolla Yellowtail



Water was in the upper 60’s and super clean.  Good current running downhill.




Generally a very nice day.  Edge of the marine layer, but wind was down.


Engine Hours: 848

First real run since replacing oil pump/pan.


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